[Spring Cooking]

Some people say spring-cleaning and others say spring cooking! Tomato? tomato!... I guess that works better spoken but y’all know what I mean!   This spring I have, and will continue to explore new recipes. Cooking has always been fun for me, but this semester I have the excuse to combine cooking with schoolwork! I … Continue reading [Spring Cooking]

[Hay] in the needle stack:

Its crazy the small gems you can find in a city! After a deliciously unhealthy fried chicken lunch we stopped at what used to be a unique bar that once was a local icon and now is an abandoned building. I love wearing this shift dress with my boots! It makes for an easy and … Continue reading [Hay] in the needle stack:

At the annual [UA Tee Time fashion show]

Last night was the annual UA Tee Time fashion show. While I was there I got to post on Instagram and Twitter for @UAFashionInc and take tons of pictures. The show was originally a showcase for transformed T-shirt projects. AKA the name! Now the show includes knitting projects, and alternative material projects. The alternative material … Continue reading At the annual [UA Tee Time fashion show]