Prom Dress Try On

The pure JOY that formalwear brings me is just unparalleled! I mean other than my wonderful husband, our loving families and the fur monsters 😉 

To quote Charlotte from the princess and the frog, “Seems like only yesterday we were … wishing our fairy tale dreams.” It was weird to rummage through a childhood of random things lost to my closet this past weekend but it was also fun to remember the little things that ring clear to my truest self! 

My prom dresses are definitely beacons of my truest self. I mean who else is going to wear the BIGGEST pink dress they can find WITH a big ass bow, without reservations!? I’ve always been one to favor the fairytale stories, and the girly dress up games. Truly, if I could wear a ball gown everyday, I probably would! I know that sounds strange, but it makes me who I am!

Is it wrong to easily think to let go of things like yearbooks (Like seriously, H.A.G.S., come on guys!?) but panic at the idea of losing my prom dresses? These dresses allowed me to live out my fairytale dreams and create memories for a lifetime! I mean truly, I was lucky enough to go to THREE proms, all with the same prince charming, who is now my forever. What yearbook page is going to do the same? 

Anyway! If you’re curious, two of my favorite dress designers to follow are Oscar de la Renta and Alexia Maria. Both use classic silhouettes and feminine details, which I can not get enough of! Two of my favorite style bloggers to follow are Blair Eadie, and Jenn Lake. I am obsessed with how these ladies use color to perfectly accompany their outfits! They are #GOALS in my book. Hands down!

Red White and [Bow]:


In preparation for the forth of July I’m showing off one of the ways I wear the Reagan Bow from Sail Bows! With this comfy dress and keds I can be ready for sitting on the golf course to watch fireworks or eating a full plate of potato salad and watermelon! Yum!

I can’t believe it’s already July! Where has the summer gone!? I’ve just gotten home from school and I’m already packing again! Even with my internship projects and working a little part time I’m really trying to make sure I enjoy being home. Every day I try to do one thing that just sounds fun. It makes life more interesting, like yesterday at work I tried a necklace I thought was just out of the box silly but ended up loving it. The necklace was gathered lace that layer hung about two to three inches with some sparkles on top. By itself it almost reminded me of a high fashion bib?? But it was great!

Make sure to use the code SIMPLY10 when you order with SailBows! And they have free shipping!!


Dress old American Eagle // Shoes Keds // Bow Reagan Bow // Purse Coach Similar


What are you planning to wear on the forth??

The two B’s [Bow and Body]:

square 1

Sometimes I get bored wearing the same things to workout all the time… Today I decided to spice it up by clipping my Saibow to the back of my tank top! By adding the bow, it made my usual workout uniform feel more cute and fun. Plus I found yet another great way to accessorize with my Penelope!

If you want to order from Sailbow use the code “SIMPLY10” so they know I sent you!

Just like everyone I have struggled with body image concerns. In high school I found a routine that works for me. By using working out as a way to relax, I get to sweat out all my insecurities and frustrations. I’m stronger physically and mentally today because I took that time for myself. Everyday, I make sure to thank my body for being healthy and strong!

Ill never have a three inch thigh gap but I can get up on water ski’s! I’ll never have elegant upper arms but a can carry tons of bags when I’m shopping! Maybe dresses would fit better if I had a more defined hourglass figure but hell I have slightly defined abs!

Love who your are, where you are, and where you are going!


Top Similar // Capris Similar // Sports Bra Similar // Shoes //


Would you wear a bow to workout??

[Sail bows] are a yes for this summer!


I just got a bow from sail bows and I love it! This one is the Penelope pattern, but there are so many great ones to choose from. Some of the patterns are even Lily Pulitzer!

I stumbled across Sail bows on Instagram and adored the brand immediately! I mean, with bows, what’s not to like! Plus the girl behind it all is from Orlando like me!

Follow at @sail_bows

Order online at SailBows

All of the bows are hand made with care! The bows come with a French barrette clip and made to be worn on the right side of the head.

I wear mine in many different ways though! The bow is the perfect size to go both on the side of your head and the back. I also love the easy look of the bow with a topknot!

I have found that the bow stays tight all day, which is so important! Having to continuously fix hair clips is the worst…

With the light yellow and white colors of the Penelope pattern I can pair the bow with almost any outfit! I have all ready worn it with an army green tank top, a bright blue top, and even a comfy black sundress.

I’m really going to have to get used to the Florida weather again. Taking pictures for this post was sweltering, even though it was late afternoon. But I really have missed this beautiful sunshine state!

Two 2

Which one is your favorite way to wear a bow??

Its pretty much [Shorts] season!


I love high waisted shorts! I have a stash of these Calvin Klein Jeans in blue, black, and white. They were given to me from my aunt, along with another pair that is absolutely amazing. I’ll post about them soon because spring break is just around the corner!

Maybe these feel a little overly 80’s for most people. But I love how I can wear them all day and not have to worry about my butt cheeks falling out. I know we all want short shorts but girls let your clothes do their job, which is covering up the goods!

Today I wore my shorts with an American Rag sweater because the building my Tuesday classes are in is usually frigid. Fortunately/ unfortunately that was not the case today! Insert fanning myself with my spiral all lecture! 

I wish I could wear wedges like these around all the time… I technically could but I’m not aiming to be a complete stand out while pushing my way through the crowd of running shorts on campus! I wore Jack Rogers for class but if I were to be going out wedges would be my first choice.

I also have my Kate Spade bag on my shoulder! I literally go everywhere with a little bit of her! #LiveColorfully My dorm key has a Kate Spade keychain on it and every time I look at it reminds me of home which makes me smile! It reminds me of home because my mom bought it for me last semester during a time when I was home shopping with her.


Are you ready for it to be shorts weather??