June Mood Board

Blush Heels (In my closet, a b-day gift from Nick!!) // How to Build a Greenhouse // Garlic Butter Scallops// Staghorn Starter Guide // The Tiny Tassel Hair Clips // The Hemingway Daiquiri // No Knead Bread 

A day late and a dollar short.. But wanted to share my June Mood Board anyway! June was a busy month and as I already shared it’s birthday month for us! This year it was extra full of celebration with birthdays, parents moving, and social safe family visits. All good things, but didn’t leave much time or for posting! I’m excited to settle into July, which should be much quieter! 

The hot summer air has hit in full swing, I‘m grabbing for hair clips anywhere I can find them!! These ones from The Tiny Tassel Shop caught my eye. I really like the multicolored option!

This summer we’re working on backyard projects. One spot we’re a bit too chicken to tackle yet is our shed.. It’s in dire need of restoration! I saw this how to build a greenhouse post from A Beautiful Mess and now I’m thinking maybe the shed could be turned into a cute greenhouse-esque planting station and dining space!? 

Still on the topic of the backyard, we inherited a staghorn plant from my parents during their move! My parents have had it FOREVER; it was originally gifted to them as a small “pup” from a friend. I thought it’d be cute to learn how to start a staghorn and gift some pups ourselves!

In the kitchen this month I’ve been testing – and tasting! – some bread recipes! The first one was a disaster and didn’t even make it to the oven.. BUT I got some tips from a friend and things got better! She shared with me her recipe, which is very similar to this No Knead Bread. I’ve successfully made two batches now! For the second batch, I added whole roasted garlic cloves to the dough and served it with a fresh bruschetta. O.M.G. so good!!

Scallops have been on the menu recently. We made them on the stove top with a cajun spice and served them with a celery root mash. I first heard about celery root as a mashed potato alternative from the book Lunch in Paris, which has a great recipe. Or you can make them just like you would your fav mashed potatoes! Just replace the boiled potatoes with boiled celery root, so easy! We used the mashed potato recipe from this Pure Delicious cookbook! Also, these Garlic Butter Scallops from How Sweet Eats look amazing, super intrigued by the watermelon salsa!

Turning 25

Journaling and Gratitude Lists

June is a special month for our household. We celebrate all month long because it’s BOTH of our birthdays! We kick off the month with Nick’s and end it with mine. This year I turned 25!! I wasn’t sure what to expect when hitting the official quarter century mark. Would there be a cry of the quarter life crisis!?  

What was actually running through my mind on the day was how proud I am of where I am now and how excited I am for where I’m going! It was the best reminder to be gracious to your today and generous to your tomorrow

In the past, I would have easily recognized another year gone with a frenzy of self doubt and fretting over the things I “should have” accomplished by now. This year though, I didn’t and it felt powerful! 

Getting to this place, where I feel settled, was not an overnight journey. It’s been a year and a half of actively working towards it. Last year, I assigned myself the project of embracing my thoughts, emotions and preferences. I wanted to challenge myself to actively learn about myself! I wasn’t perfect at it and it took a lot of practice. 

This year, I have assigned myself the project of projecting my own voice. Since I was getting comfortable mentally embracing my thoughts and emotions, it was time to start recognizing and documenting them. That’s when I started journaling and gratitude lists! (Both inspired by Ashley Brooke, I admire her ability to be personable and positive.) At first it was hard and slightly awkward, like talking to a wall. But after some time, I’ve found it to be something I look forward to doing. It’s my way of capturing the little joys! 

It’s not quite a daily habit, although I’d like to get there eventually! Most mornings when I sit down at my desk, cup of coffee in hand, I start my work day by dedicating a few minutes to journal and list three things I’m grateful for that day. It’s been a rewarding habit. I can tell on the days I dedicate the time to journaling I am more at peace!

1. Rifle Paper Floral Fabric Journal // 2. Papier Striped Colourblock Journal // 3. Moleskine Volant Journal // 4. Wit & Delight Linen Journal //  5. Evelyn Henson Journal // 6. kikki.K Daily Thoughts Journal  

Staying Focused

Phone Case // Beats Headphones // Placemats

I doubt I need to say it, but the world has felt noisy recently. There’s a social retreat in attempts to survive a worldwide pandemic, while sirens of social injustice calls for united action. It’s so crazy when you allow yourself to realize just how much is happening. 

I saw this post and it took me a minute to let it settle. I don’t know if it’s true, but if you believe in that sort of thing you will agree that this year was destined for something big. It says, “ The last time Saturn was in Aquarius was during the Rodney King Riots. The last time Pluto was in Capricorn was during the American Revolution. Neptune was in Pisces when Rome fell. We have all 3 right now.” 

What’s even crazier is that we still have half a year to go, and part of that is the next U.S. Presidential election. Plus, not only do we have global and national “noise” in our lives, but we all have our own sh*t going on. (Excuse my french!

Recently, I’ve felt the weight of all the noise. It’s gotten harder to focus on the daily tasks. Especially while working from home with all the additional joyous distractions. I mean, who can resist a feisty kitten who delivers her favorite ball to you every hour!?

I challenged myself to find a way to help quiet the busy thoughts. One answer I’ve found is noise canceling headphones! I bought these beats about 8 months or so ago, but never became an avid user. I’ve started using them more often while working during the day and it’s made a big difference! They are so helpful when putting on the blinders and getting to work.  

My next challenge was figuring out what to listen too. I have to be honest, I am becoming OBSESSED with a podcast called RomComPods. It’s a new romantic comedy fiction podcast! Only a few of this season’s episodes have been posted, but I am already HOOKED! The episodes are not long enough!! 

Do you listen to podcasts or audiobooks while working?

Prom Dress Try On

The pure JOY that formalwear brings me is just unparalleled! I mean other than my wonderful husband, our loving families and the fur monsters 😉 

To quote Charlotte from the princess and the frog, “Seems like only yesterday we were … wishing our fairy tale dreams.” It was weird to rummage through a childhood of random things lost to my closet this past weekend but it was also fun to remember the little things that ring clear to my truest self! 

My prom dresses are definitely beacons of my truest self. I mean who else is going to wear the BIGGEST pink dress they can find WITH a big ass bow, without reservations!? I’ve always been one to favor the fairytale stories, and the girly dress up games. Truly, if I could wear a ball gown everyday, I probably would! I know that sounds strange, but it makes me who I am!

Is it wrong to easily think to let go of things like yearbooks (Like seriously, H.A.G.S., come on guys!?) but panic at the idea of losing my prom dresses? These dresses allowed me to live out my fairytale dreams and create memories for a lifetime! I mean truly, I was lucky enough to go to THREE proms, all with the same prince charming, who is now my forever. What yearbook page is going to do the same? 

Anyway! If you’re curious, two of my favorite dress designers to follow are Oscar de la Renta and Alexia Maria. Both use classic silhouettes and feminine details, which I can not get enough of! Two of my favorite style bloggers to follow are Blair Eadie, and Jenn Lake. I am obsessed with how these ladies use color to perfectly accompany their outfits! They are #GOALS in my book. Hands down!

May Mood Board

Green Wine Goblets // Honest Beauty Glow Powder // Green Tie Waist Dress // Blush Loafers // Daisy Headband // French Cookbook // Wine and Bread Basket // Supergoop Glow Screen // Watercolor Skirt // Sandwich Recipe

May is here, and almost gone! Although it’s hard to believe we’re almost three months into quarantine, I really feel like Nick and I have come into our new routine nicely. We’re utilizing a seating area of the house that we NEVER used much before.. It’s quickly become my new favorite place!! Each morning we make our way to the comfy chairs to enjoy a cup of coffee and a few pages of our books! 

Another space I’m excited to start using more is our backyard! We unfortunately had to remove one of the three large oak trees from our backyard. However, it was unhealthy and had lived a full life so it was time to let her go. Fortunately, we are now getting a ton more sunshine out there! I’m dreaming of eating al fresco and lounging with a book!! 

Now for the good part, I’ve pulled together a few things I’ve been loving this month!

  • Even though we are “stuck” at home, it doesn’t mean we can’t make the everyday special!? When I saw these green wine goblets, I just had to have them. We’re using them as pretty everyday glasses and I’m obsessed! 
  • I’ve been trying to transition to a cleaner beauty routine, this month I tried the Supergoop Glow Screen and the Honest Beauty Glow Powder. I’m loving them both! The glow screen definitely lives up to the hype, it’s so light on my skin and at the end of the day it isn’t sticky at all! The glow powder is so nice as well, it’s not as visible as the cream product I previously used but I’m loving the sheer veil effect! 
  • While WFH I’m constantly looking for easy and flowy everyday wear wardrobe options. I’ve been wearing this green tie waist dress on repeat (plus it looks so cute with my new fav headband!) and I instantly fell in love with this watercolor skirt!
  • If I’m being honest, I’ve been loving these blush loafers for a few months now. I now have three pairs, including the blush, tan and blue. They are literally like walking around in your bedroom slippers. 
  • Not sure why, but french cooking to me is just synonymous with a romantic dinner for two! Nick got me this french cookbook for Christmas and we finally made our first meal from it, the Garlic Ginger Shrimp and Spiced Chickpeas. It was delicious!!

Weekly Budget Tracker!

Every year at school brings new challenges. One of my challenges this year has been keeping my budget in mind! I haven’t totally failed but it’s definitely something I need to work on. The hardest part for me is being able to visualize what I have spent and what I have left.


So! I made a weekly budget tracker to help myself get organized. I decided on a weekly tracker because I like short-term goals and it seemed less stressful than a month!

How to make a weekly budget? I took what I get for the month and deducted my monthly fees for rent, utilities, etc. Then I took what was left over and divided it by four, because four weeks in a month, gets my weekly budget!

Budget Tracker Example

I hope this can help you as much as it helps me!

Download the Weekly Budget Tracker!


[Basil] for stems to roots

A couple of weekends ago I got a bundle of basil from the farmers market. But when I got home I wasn’t sure how to keep it fresh.. So I went to the trusty Google!

Google said to set the stems in a container half full of water. It sounded easy enough for me! As I continued to read I found out that if you trim the stems a little and refresh the water every few days I could get the basil to root!

I was so excited to try rooting the basil. I found a container and kept a good eye on the water. After 10 days my plant had roots!!


My next project is getting some soil so I can plant the basil and start my herb garden!


5 tips: Landing an Internship

The process of finding and landing an internship doesn’t have to be scary and frustrating! Last summer I had an internship lined up months before the end of school, this year I wasn’t so lucky. But! Both years of searching have taught me 5 tips to make to process easier and more successful!

info image
  1. Keep an open mind: When applying for internships you have to be willing to take the opportunities that are where you are. Your dream internship might be in New York when you’re stuck at home. Also, don’t sweat it if the internship doesn’t work perfectly with your major. If the work interests you then you will grow from the experience!
  2. Apply and Email: Applying online isn’t enough. Sadly but truthfully, your resume will most likely be over looked if you allow yourself to get lost in the crowd. After applying make sure to look online or call the office to find out who you should email about your interest in the position. This gives the employer the motivation to find your application.
  3. 3 sentences: When I am composing the email to introduce myself and share my interest in the internship I try to keep each thought less than 3 sentences. My first paragraph will say why I emailed them. The second paragraph will briefly describe myself. The third will repeat my intentions for emailing and point out my attached resume. The email is a shorter and less formal version of your cover letter!
  4. Don’t be afraid to ask: Last summer I found a company that really interested me but found that they didn’t post internship opportunities. So I went out on a limb and asked if they would be willing to add me to their team for the summer, and they did! They might tell you no, but from my experience they will kindly decline while offering alternative opportunities to look into!
  5. Always say thank you: The people you are contacting have more to do in their day than to answer your emails. With that in mind remember to always thank them for giving you their time. Plus you never know what contacts they have and if they will forward your information along!

I hope these tips help and good luck!


DIY: Gift in a [Giant] jar

When finding the right gift isn’t happening… put together a giant jar of treats! This is an ice cream bar themed jar but there are so many more options! If your friend likes girly nights in, put together a new nail polish, a girly movie and some pink treats. If your guy friend likes sports, make a collection of game watching snacks with Beef Jerky, unique sodas, and spicy chips.

We are always told it doesn’t matter what you put in the present, what matters is that you thought of them.. But really we all want to give the cutest gift!


Comment and share your “go to” gift ideas!

[Healthy for Life] 10 tips

For most of my life I have struggled with weight. As a freshman in High School I realized I wasn’t comfortable with my weight and wanted to make a change. With inspiration from ‘Seventeen’ magazine I made an effort to watch what I ate and found a workout routine that worked for me. Since then, I have lost and kept off 30 pounds by continuing to explore healthy eating habits and using, but constantly altering, my workout routine!

Here are 10 lessons I’ve learned along the way!

  1. Eat fresh: Grab fresh fruits, veggies, and breads instead of the over processed products. Make your own baked goods, its way more fun and you’ll know what is in them!
  2. Make it balanced: It’s so true that you need a balanced diet! Get enough protein to keep your energy up, and make the right decisions to protect yourself in the future.
  3. Drink water: Personally, I struggle with this one but it’s so important. Drinking plenty of water will help brighten your complexion, flush out the toxins and keep your metabolism active.
  4. Multiple small portions: Eat small portions more frequently throughout the day. This in addition to the water will help keep your metabolism on task. More frequent snacks will reduce the chance of your body storing extra fats. That is because your body will trust that you’ll give it more nutritious food very soon!
  5. Eat foods that make you feel good: That greasy burger might make you happy by soothing a craving but will it make your body feel good after? For me, this means in the morning I have fresh fruit and a dairy because grains and starches make me feel heavy. But for people who are lactose intolerance dairy wont make them feel good. Listen to your body and I promise it’ll tell you what you need to know!
  6. Spice it up: Use natural herbs and spices to add flavor to your dishes instead of salts.
  7. Add color: The easiest way for me to tell if a meal is good for me is if I look at my plate and find it to be colorful. Make sure you see the variety and vibrancy of fresh choices.
  8. ‘Treat yo self’: Life isn’t black and white, sometimes you’re going to splurge on a not so healthy meal and it’s totally okay! You can’t block out those tasty treats for the rest of your life. The test is not your splurge but your reaction to the splurge. Are you going to make it an excuse to keep eating poorly? Or will you make sure to be careful the rest of the day?
  9. Love your body: Don’t dream of having someone else’s body, dream of having a healthier and toned version of your own body!
  10. Find your workout routine: [With #9 in mind] it’s not enough to just dream of that body; you have to do something about it. Figure out if you feel more comfortable in a gym, at the park or in your home and keep moving!

Whats your most tempting ‘treat yo self’ treat!?