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How I Incorporate Compelling Storytelling into your Branding Shoot 

Branding photography is certainly a hot topic! With ever increasing numbers of individuals venturing out on their own, the demand for custom imagery for marketing on social media continues to increase. However, the use of compelling brand imagery to drive business awareness and growth is nothing new. The recipe for creating those impactful images starts with defining a compelling story!

So, how do we build your gallery of brand imagery? In simplest terms, we start with your brand story. Your brand story, of course, begins with you. However, we’re not just looking at how you got started, but instead focusing on where you are now. We ask, what makes you an expert in your field? How does your business differentiate from the pack? What can your clients expect when they work with you? Your gallery will include far more than just a beautiful headshot, although those can be important too! 

That’s why I offer a personalized and custom approach to every one of my branding clients.  A great brand photographer will take the time to understand your business, your audience and marketing mix to best meet your ideal gallery needs. 

Let’s talk about the planning process!


I’ll first listen and learn about you! I’ll dive into your current brand portfolio and schedule a project consultation call with you. On that call I’ll want to hear more about your vision and chat through the parts of your business and process that will best serve you to showcase. Then we define your gallery goals according to the intended message and marketing use.


Following the consultation I’ll document the gallery goals and bring structure to the branding session with a creative overview. The creative overview includes goal details, photoshoot timeline and mood board with inspiration for the shoot.

Keep in mind, each image use can require slight variations of composition or file structure. For example, I’ll ask if this gallery is intended for your social media feed exclusively, or are you also looking to refresh your website and newsletters? Depending on your goals, I’ll help organize and deliver versions for each use! 

Why do I take the time and effort to build a compelling story for each branding client? 

For me it’s not just about “showing up and shooting.” With a clear plan and strategy for each session, I save my clients time and money. Beautiful images are great, but without a goal behind it your messaging and investment will fall flat.

By utilizing my 8+ years of digital marketing experience in combination with my artful eye, I’m here to help elevate your story with compelling photography! (Learn more about me, Kimberly

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