Kimberly Lewis

Cozy Holiday Portraits

Styling these holiday sets was so fun, but even more fun was seeing them come to life in photos! *Big thanks to our model, Bekka!!*

Love how sweet and cozy the blue set turned out! For these images we added a mug, potentially telling the story of a cozy winter morning spent in bed. By simply adding a small prop, in combination with the background, a portrait can instantly portray a story.

The last images shown below are great examples of how switching out a prop can totally change a set! In this case, it was by adding a bit of fake snow. While both captured on the bed, the early images are calm and serene and the later images are more fun and playful!

I can’t ignore how GORGEOUS her eye are * in general but specifically * in the green outfit! Color play and color harmony are so important when deciding on portrait details like clothing and location. Not sure how to do that? Reach out, I’d love to brainstorm session ideas with you!

Hair and Makeup by Karmel Design Team Artistry

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