June Mood Board

June Mood Board

Blush Heels (In my closet, a b-day gift from Nick!!) // How to Build a Greenhouse // Garlic Butter Scallops// Staghorn Starter Guide // The Tiny Tassel Hair Clips // The Hemingway Daiquiri // No Knead Bread 

A day late and a dollar short.. But wanted to share my June Mood Board anyway! June was a busy month and as I already shared it’s birthday month for us! This year it was extra full of celebration with birthdays, parents moving, and social safe family visits. All good things, but didn’t leave much time or for posting! I’m excited to settle into July, which should be much quieter! 

The hot summer air has hit in full swing, I‘m grabbing for hair clips anywhere I can find them!! These ones from The Tiny Tassel Shop caught my eye. I really like the multicolored option!

This summer we’re working on backyard projects. One spot we’re a bit too chicken to tackle yet is our shed.. It’s in dire need of restoration! I saw this how to build a greenhouse post from A Beautiful Mess and now I’m thinking maybe the shed could be turned into a cute greenhouse-esque planting station and dining space!? 

Still on the topic of the backyard, we inherited a staghorn plant from my parents during their move! My parents have had it FOREVER; it was originally gifted to them as a small “pup” from a friend. I thought it’d be cute to learn how to start a staghorn and gift some pups ourselves!

In the kitchen this month I’ve been testing – and tasting! – some bread recipes! The first one was a disaster and didn’t even make it to the oven.. BUT I got some tips from a friend and things got better! She shared with me her recipe, which is very similar to this No Knead Bread. I’ve successfully made two batches now! For the second batch, I added whole roasted garlic cloves to the dough and served it with a fresh bruschetta. O.M.G. so good!!

Scallops have been on the menu recently. We made them on the stove top with a cajun spice and served them with a celery root mash. I first heard about celery root as a mashed potato alternative from the book Lunch in Paris, which has a great recipe. Or you can make them just like you would your fav mashed potatoes! Just replace the boiled potatoes with boiled celery root, so easy! We used the mashed potato recipe from this Pure Delicious cookbook! Also, these Garlic Butter Scallops from How Sweet Eats look amazing, super intrigued by the watermelon salsa!

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