Kimberly Lewis

Turning 25

Journaling and Gratitude Lists

June is a special month for our household. We celebrate all month long because it’s BOTH of our birthdays! We kick off the month with Nick’s and end it with mine. This year I turned 25!! I wasn’t sure what to expect when hitting the official quarter century mark. Would there be a cry of the quarter life crisis!?  

What was actually running through my mind on the day was how proud I am of where I am now and how excited I am for where I’m going! It was the best reminder to be gracious to your today and generous to your tomorrow

In the past, I would have easily recognized another year gone with a frenzy of self doubt and fretting over the things I “should have” accomplished by now. This year though, I didn’t and it felt powerful! 

Getting to this place, where I feel settled, was not an overnight journey. It’s been a year and a half of actively working towards it. Last year, I assigned myself the project of embracing my thoughts, emotions and preferences. I wanted to challenge myself to actively learn about myself! I wasn’t perfect at it and it took a lot of practice. 

This year, I have assigned myself the project of projecting my own voice. Since I was getting comfortable mentally embracing my thoughts and emotions, it was time to start recognizing and documenting them. That’s when I started journaling and gratitude lists! (Both inspired by Ashley Brooke, I admire her ability to be personable and positive.) At first it was hard and slightly awkward, like talking to a wall. But after some time, I’ve found it to be something I look forward to doing. It’s my way of capturing the little joys! 

It’s not quite a daily habit, although I’d like to get there eventually! Most mornings when I sit down at my desk, cup of coffee in hand, I start my work day by dedicating a few minutes to journal and list three things I’m grateful for that day. It’s been a rewarding habit. I can tell on the days I dedicate the time to journaling I am more at peace!

1. Rifle Paper Floral Fabric Journal // 2. Papier Striped Colourblock Journal // 3. Moleskine Volant Journal // 4. Wit & Delight Linen Journal //  5. Evelyn Henson Journal // 6. kikki.K Daily Thoughts Journal  

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