Staying Focused

Staying Focused

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I doubt I need to say it, but the world has felt noisy recently. There’s a social retreat in attempts to survive a worldwide pandemic, while sirens of social injustice calls for united action. It’s so crazy when you allow yourself to realize just how much is happening. 

I saw this post and it took me a minute to let it settle. I don’t know if it’s true, but if you believe in that sort of thing you will agree that this year was destined for something big. It says, “ The last time Saturn was in Aquarius was during the Rodney King Riots. The last time Pluto was in Capricorn was during the American Revolution. Neptune was in Pisces when Rome fell. We have all 3 right now.” 

What’s even crazier is that we still have half a year to go, and part of that is the next U.S. Presidential election. Plus, not only do we have global and national “noise” in our lives, but we all have our own sh*t going on. (Excuse my french!

Recently, I’ve felt the weight of all the noise. It’s gotten harder to focus on the daily tasks. Especially while working from home with all the additional joyous distractions. I mean, who can resist a feisty kitten who delivers her favorite ball to you every hour!?

I challenged myself to find a way to help quiet the busy thoughts. One answer I’ve found is noise canceling headphones! I bought these beats about 8 months or so ago, but never became an avid user. I’ve started using them more often while working during the day and it’s made a big difference! They are so helpful when putting on the blinders and getting to work.  

My next challenge was figuring out what to listen too. I have to be honest, I am becoming OBSESSED with a podcast called RomComPods. It’s a new romantic comedy fiction podcast! Only a few of this season’s episodes have been posted, but I am already HOOKED! The episodes are not long enough!! 

Do you listen to podcasts or audiobooks while working?

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