Kimberly Lewis

Prom Dress Try On

The pure JOY that formalwear brings me is just unparalleled! I mean other than my wonderful husband, our loving families and the fur monsters 😉 

To quote Charlotte from the princess and the frog, “Seems like only yesterday we were … wishing our fairy tale dreams.” It was weird to rummage through a childhood of random things lost to my closet this past weekend but it was also fun to remember the little things that ring clear to my truest self! 

My prom dresses are definitely beacons of my truest self. I mean who else is going to wear the BIGGEST pink dress they can find WITH a big ass bow, without reservations!? I’ve always been one to favor the fairytale stories, and the girly dress up games. Truly, if I could wear a ball gown everyday, I probably would! I know that sounds strange, but it makes me who I am!

Is it wrong to easily think to let go of things like yearbooks (Like seriously, H.A.G.S., come on guys!?) but panic at the idea of losing my prom dresses? These dresses allowed me to live out my fairytale dreams and create memories for a lifetime! I mean truly, I was lucky enough to go to THREE proms, all with the same prince charming, who is now my forever. What yearbook page is going to do the same? 

Anyway! If you’re curious, two of my favorite dress designers to follow are Oscar de la Renta and Alexia Maria. Both use classic silhouettes and feminine details, which I can not get enough of! Two of my favorite style bloggers to follow are Blair Eadie, and Jenn Lake. I am obsessed with how these ladies use color to perfectly accompany their outfits! They are #GOALS in my book. Hands down!

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