Kimberly Lewis

[Spring Cooking]

Some people say spring-cleaning and others say spring cooking! Tomato? tomato!… I guess that works better spoken but y’all know what I mean!  

This spring I have, and will continue to explore new recipes. Cooking has always been fun for me, but this semester I have the excuse to combine cooking with schoolwork! I have semester project for my advanced design class that is 32-page magazine. I got to pick my own theme for the magazine, so I decided to make it a cooking magazine for young females! It has been a lot of fun reading recipe books, analyzing cooking magazines and experimenting in the kitchen.


It felt great to break out my shorts and tank tops last week while I was home in Florida. Now that I’m back to school my tank top weather as limited but I’m still wearing my shorts. Today I ran to the store in a pair of my Banana Republic shorts and a Loft button down for a casual spring feel.


Please comment below with questions or recipe suggestions for the magazine!

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