Kimberly Lewis

Rich Chocolate [Brownies]


The further into the semester I get the more I want to be in the kitchen. Making food is my escape, and I can’t say it’s good for my weight but its good for my inner peace!


Last night I had a yearning for an adventure in the kitchen so I decided to make brownies and not from the box! I remembered these amazing sounding brownie recipes from the second chance café novel I read last year. Unfortunately they called for more chocolate chips than I had so I had to try something else. I looked online and found a recipe for rich chocolate brownies with a coffee frosting what were made with cocoa powder!


The Frosting gave me a little bit of trouble. I think my water wasn’t hot enough and I might have taken too long adding the confectioners sugar so it wasn’t as smooth as I’d hopped. With a little heat the icing softened enough to spread and I made it work!

2 31



They are most definitely rich but they turned out great!


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