[Hay] in the needle stack:


Its crazy the small gems you can find in a city! After a deliciously unhealthy fried chicken lunch we stopped at what used to be a unique bar that once was a local icon and now is an abandoned building.

I love wearing this shift dress with my boots! It makes for an easy and comfortable outfit. The bubble necklace creates separation to the undefined dress shape.


Dress // Boots // Necklace


Do you like the shift dress trend?

3 thoughts on “[Hay] in the needle stack:

  1. The first time I remember the shift trend, I was in elementary school – a looooooooong time ago! And, of course, that wasn’t its first time around. Everything (style) is recycled eventually, even though some (leisure suits for men!) should never be. This dress reminds me of one of my favorites I made in high school, only mine was A-line and scalloped at the neckline as well as the hem. Thanks for the blast from the past, Lil K; I love your posts!


    1. It was a TJ Maxx find! They also had it in red but I gravitated to the peach! Every time I wear it I’m so glad I bought it because its super comfy! xoxo Kimberly!


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