Kimberly Lewis

[Maxi] my Maxi:


Even though I am what others call “vertically challenged” I got a maxi dress! Surprisingly it doesn’t need much hemming, which I haven’t done yet, but it’s super comfy so I wore it anyway!

In the sweltering sun I dragged my boyfriend out to Park Ave to help me take pictures. It was so uncomfortably hot the photo shoot was very short lived!   Before we went I tried to blow dry/ straighten my hair. As you can see that was a failed attempt, like always! Maybe it’ll work one day but for now I will refrain from blow-drying any bit of my hair other than my bangs and I will let my straightner collect dust in the drawer!

I also used my BA STAR Tropical Eye Shadow Palette to create a fun neon pink eye makeup look! Why not add some bold colors when its summer time!? The Glue Eye Shadow Base I also got works wonders! After sweating all day taking pictures and shopping, the color still looks perfect! I also used the glue the other day when I worked an 8-hour shift and the shadow never moved, I’m now swearing by this stuff!

If you use the code 50TROPIC you can get 50% off! Also check in later this week for a giveaway with a lucky winner who will get a free palette & glue! DSC_0356DSC_0379DSC_0382DSC_0393DSC_0394DSC_0373DSC_0411DSC_0427DSC_0475DSC_0439DSC_0450

Dress: Francesca’s Similar // Shoes: Loft Similar


Do you keep your Maxi hems long to wear with wedges or do you shorten them?

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