Kimberly Lewis

Add an [Izzie] to that:


Last week I started working at Francesca’s, which has been a lot of fun! I’ve never worked the retail side so it’s been interesting! For the most part communicating with costumers comes naturally [I mean after almost 19 years of interacting with people who are working in stores, I should have a pretty good idea of how to handle yourself!] But I have to say that it will definitely take some time to figure out wrapping and bagging customer purchases! It sounds simple enough but trust me that it’s not as easy as it looks!

This past week I already had a reason to go buy a dress with my employee discount! So this weekend I picked up a dress and a pair of earrings! Coincidentally [kind of] the dress matches my Izzie bow from Sail Bows perfectly!


When I wore this outfit the other night for dinner I wore it with my white wedges. What I really wanted to wear were these pumps but I was a little hesitant with such a high heel and what my boyfriend’s grandmother would think. The chunky wood heels and white cross over straps are just so fun!

I also pulled out my favorite perfume that sadly is almost gone! It’s Daisy from Marc Jacobs. I have worn it for a few years now and still love it. The sent is a fresh floral without being too sweet!

Dress // Earrings Similar // Bow // Shoes Similar // Perfume


Whats your favorite scent?

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