At the annual [UA Tee Time fashion show]


Last night was the annual UA Tee Time fashion show. While I was there I got to post on Instagram and Twitter for @UAFashionInc and take tons of pictures.

The show was originally a showcase for transformed T-shirt projects. AKA the name! Now the show includes knitting projects, and alternative material projects. The alternative material garments blew my mind! My favorite garment was a gown made out of coffee filters. It having to do with coffee made it even more amazing!

It’s funny to me how when I was getting ready to go I had so many ideas and expectations of the night to come. But it felt as if I had just gotten started when the show somehow was already over! #UATeeTime

Next year I’m hoping to be the social media go-to girl for the Fashion Inc. club on campus. Actually the club will soon be called Design Merchandizing and Retail Association. Yesterday felt like my trial run with them. Hopefully they liked what I put out there and will allow me to continue to learn by working with their organization!


Which ones your favorite??

Let Me Know!

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