Kimberly Lewis

Its pretty much [Shorts] season!


I love high waisted shorts! I have a stash of these Calvin Klein Jeans in blue, black, and white. They were given to me from my aunt, along with another pair that is absolutely amazing. I’ll post about them soon because spring break is just around the corner!

Maybe these feel a little overly 80’s for most people. But I love how I can wear them all day and not have to worry about my butt cheeks falling out. I know we all want short shorts but girls let your clothes do their job, which is covering up the goods!

Today I wore my shorts with an American Rag sweater because the building my Tuesday classes are in is usually frigid. Fortunately/ unfortunately that was not the case today! Insert fanning myself with my spiral all lecture! 

I wish I could wear wedges like these around all the time… I technically could but I’m not aiming to be a complete stand out while pushing my way through the crowd of running shorts on campus! I wore Jack Rogers for class but if I were to be going out wedges would be my first choice.

I also have my Kate Spade bag on my shoulder! I literally go everywhere with a little bit of her! #LiveColorfully My dorm key has a Kate Spade keychain on it and every time I look at it reminds me of home which makes me smile! It reminds me of home because my mom bought it for me last semester during a time when I was home shopping with her.


Are you ready for it to be shorts weather??

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