Kimberly Lewis

Prep Vested!


I have to say that more and more my style is on the preppy side! A popular preppy trend this winter has been vests. Insolated, or fleece they are all over the place.

For Christmas I got a hounds tooth vest that is just too cute! My mom didn’t want to send it off to be monogramed before she was sure if I liked it. So after opening it on Christmas we sent the vest off to a family friend to get monogramed.  I chose the crimson thread because well my school colors of course! I can wear it for day to day or for team spirit at any of the sporting events!

I also sent off a pink and whit seersucker button up to be monogramed. I’ll show that off a little later!

This week I got them in the mail and I immediately threw on my vest. Of course Saturday was warmer then the past week had been. We went from three snow days to 70 degrees and sunshine. So I was running around in boots and a vest when everyone else was busting out their long forgotten shorts!

I haven’t told ya’ll yet but I finally got my ridding boots! So now I don’t have to always wear my cowboy boots when I’m in the mood for boots. Although I have to be honest the cowboy boots are a lot more comfortable. I got them at a JcPenny’s after Christmas sale. They are simple and super wearable!  a.n.a. Dina Double-Buckle Boots

My crimson cross body coach pulled the outfit together by pulling out the lettering on the vest and I toped it all off with my red red red Clinique lipstick!


Have you joined the vest trend??

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