Kimberly Lewis

Feeling Pretty in Pink!

Have I told y’all my favorite color is pink?

Well it totally is!

Today I pulled out my pink jeans from Francesca’s collection and paired them with an off white corded sweater from H&M. I then stepped into my boots to keep my feet warm in the chilly weather. I really need to show y’all some of my other shoes!

In my suitcase of warm clothes that I brought up from home included many of my scarfs. This morning I put one of my favorites on. It’s from J. Crew and I like how it can be dressy or just fun. I decided to tie it in a bow shape. The bow shape is a look I saw on Pinterest back in the spring but I waited until the cool weather came to wear it out.

Lastly I toped off the look with a red lip, I usually would only wear a red lip during the day if it’s on an Alabama Game Day but I went for it! The red lipstick is from Clinique and is called Red Red Red. I love the color and its super soft but I have to bring it along to reapply as I go about my day.

Last home game we got pulled pork sandwiches (which were delish I love some good BBQ!) on our way into the stadium and after eating, my lipstick was gone. Luckily I had a lip-gloss in my purse!

I usually do all the photos by myself with a tripod and a timer. It’s a little awkward when people pass by and silently give me judging looks… Today one of my suitemates walked by as I was starting to take pictures and offered to help! It went a lot faster and I was so thankful! So photo credit to Katie!

I have quite the pattern of wearing jeans and sweaters so I will change it up. But its sweater weather, and I am taking full advantage of it. I loved this outfit for running around campus today!

I attended a speech from Mary Beth Tinker this morning and it was really interesting. She was involved in a very influential Supreme Court case from the sixties that resulted in giving rights of free speech to public school students. She became a nurse practitioner but after seeing many children who had limited rights she went out on tour. On tour she goes to schools to present to kids and young adults a motivational speech. She advocates for the youth to continue to make their voices heard. #GirlPower


How do you wear your scarfs?

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