In a way ‘Blue Jeans’

I don’t have my English class this week so I have even more extra time on my hands, which is not something I need… Being at school so far I feel like everyone around me is moving a mile a minute and I’m just strolling along with nothing to do. I know there is always schoolwork to do or I could blog but it’s been an adjustment process.

Today I took a thirty-minute bus ride to finally meet the lady who handles employment papers in the student media building. Now that I have turned in all the paper work I will start to getting paid for writing for the University of Alabama yearbook The Corolla. Its not exactly ‘makin bank’ statues but its pretty cool to be able to say I get paid to write!

But it’s crazy how such a big world can be so small!

Because today I also interviewed a student for an article I’m writing for the yearbook. But the funny part is that when I got the assignment I didn’t know the student I would be contacting had actually gone to the same high school as me! He was a senior in band when I was a freshman. Yes me in band, and a freshman. Not a time I want to visit again.

But as I went around today checking some tasks off my to do list I wore my cobalt blue jeans, a comfy off white sweater and my cowboy boots. I told you I would wear them everyday if I could!

(Excuse the crazy yellow walls… I will avoid the crazy looks as best I can and go outside in the future!)

I love these pants! I know the colored jeans trend is kind of an old trend. But I love sporting them anyway. This particular pair is from Lucky Brand and I got them on sale. They are a size too small but for such a great price and color they are worth the funny dance I have to do to get into them!

I love that I can wear them with a solid like I did today and with patterns. I have worn it with the pink and blue patterned top I used as an option for my interview outfits (Interview options) from Francesca’s collections. The sweater was nice and light in the sun but covered me when the breeze came!


Just had to include my dramatic photo!

Do you still wear colored jeans??

Let Me Know!

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